1'x3' painting from Infrasound 2017

Thank you everyone

1’x3′ painted live at Infrasound 2017. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and shared your energy while I was creating this. -Available-


3’x3′ canvas I painted from start to finish at SubOctave Music Festival this last weekend. Had such great time meeting new people and getting to hang out with all the other artists. Thanks for having me!

In progress painting


Finished image of the painting I did live at Infrasound 2017. Will post more when I get a pic with better lighting. Pretty happy with how it turned out given the time I worked on it.

Progress shot


Progress shot of the painting I started live at @infrasound festival. Plan on finishing it up in the next couple days. Happy with how its turning out.

wrathful lion crystal elf duder

New painting!

11″x17″ wrathful lion crystal elf duder. Available!

Quick little painting


Quick little painting I recently finished. It was quite the accomplishment for me because I’m notoriously bad at finishing paintings. Had a lot of fun though! More to come soon.

9”x12” Colored Pencil on Paper, 2016

Silent Darkness

“Silent Darkness” 12″x9″ colored pencil on paper. Put the final touches on this a year ago today. The bulk of it was done during a life changing period of travel and depicts one of the most powerful trance experiences I’ve had. It is a combination of two very transformational events and I didn’t even realize […]


Finished this original 6″x9″ piece today!

First in a new series of affordable originals

Snap this up!

Finished this 9″x6″ drawing today as the first in a new series of affordable originals. I’ve decided to start making serious progress towards creating full time and this is a new approach I’m trying. If you like what I do and want to support me (and get a cool one of a kind piece) then […]


Progress on my half of the collaboration I’m working on.

Little nature spirit drawing

Line work is mostly done, moving onto color soon! This is part of a collaboration with Ali S. Cat who is making an awesome ceramic frame to go with it. Can’t wait to share when it’s done!    

6"x9" color pencil on black paper

And done!

Had a lot of fun with this idea, will probably come back to it. 6″x 059″ colored pencil on black paper.


  So excited to announce the release of my first pin! This 2″ enamel pin is based on a detail from my piece “Cycles” and made by my homie Richie Von. There is an original color ed. 90 and an alternate color ed. 25. All pins are individually numbered and custom backstamped. Get them here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ScritchDesigns


“Transmutation” 6″x9″ colored pencil on black paper. Been getting around to wrapping up some old works in progress so look out for more!


WIP of a little Ganapati drawing I’m working on.